Habitats and Farmland

Conservation Easements Protect Wildlife and Fertile Farmland 

Flirty CowThe Georgia-Alabama Land Trust uses State Wildlife Action Plans to guide landowners and encourage them to incorporate special provisions in their conservation easements that help promote state wildlife conservation goals.  

Some examples of threatened and endangered species for which our conservation efforts provide habitat include the following:

-- An easement along the Cahaba River now protects 64 rare and imperiled plant and animal species, 13 of which are found nowhere else in the world,The Cahaba River has more fish species at than any other river its size in North America. One of these easements along the Cahaba is home to one of the largest populations of the rare Alabama croton (Croton alabamensis).

 -- 70 fish species and 21 taxa of snails in the Choccolocco Creek watershed of the Coosa River are now preserved along Choccolocco Creek. The Coosa River watershed, including the Choccolocco watershed, is believed to support the largest number of endangered and threatened species found in any Alabama waterway of comparable size. 

-- Our collaboration with the Army Compatible Use Buffer program and the conservation easement projects surrounding Fort Stewart protect potential and existing habitats that are capable of supporting the rare species known to exist on Fort Stewart including the flatwoods salamander, striped newt, gopher frog, Bachman's sparrow, swallow-tailed kite, red-cockaded woodpecker, gopher tortoise, indigo snake, Florida pine snake, purple honeycomb head, and pondspice. 

The Alabama Croton We also work with farmers to preserve fertile soils. Food producing soils across Alabama and Georgia have been threatened by development over the past decade. Conservation easements can be used to preserve working farms and ranches. Over the past few years, the Land Trusts have been working with farmers in southwest Georgia, preserving over 20,000 acres of food-producing soils.
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